Your Children « Soft Entry Points » for Homosexual Agenda- Austin Ruse: Will you help us stop him?-feu sur Sodome et Gommorhe malgré Bergoglio et ses potes pro-LGTB

Your Children « Soft Entry Points » for Homosexual Agenda

Austin Ruse

Will you help us stop him?
Help us stop him in his ghastly work…
You can help, but you have to help right now…

2:00 a.m. Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dear Friend of the Friday Fax,

We fought for months both in Geneva and in New York. We tried our very best to stop the UN from establishing a new homosexual enforcer because we knew he would aim his deadly propaganda at your children.

In a meeting last week he actually said your children would be “soft entry points” for his ghastly work.

The Africans tried to stop this abomination. We tried to stop it.

But the European Union and the Obama administration forced it through. And this is what we have, a propagandist who is coming after your children and your grandchildren to fill their heads full of his nasty theories.

They told us he would do no more than protect homosexuals from violence. We knew they were lying. They are always lying when it comes to this issue. And now we know.

I dare say you would not know he said this except that we were there. I dare say no other group was even in the room to record what he said.

C-Fam and the Friday Fax desperately need your help in the work we have to do in the coming days, weeks and months.

We ended last year with five pieces of terrible news.

Besides the establishment of this UN LGBT Czar, there is this;

Pro-life and pro-family nations have begun to waver on the life issues at the UN. Key states have begun to accept the phrase “reproductive health” as acceptable language and without qualifiers making it clear that it cannot include abortion. This is a disaster.
The UN General Assembly has established a global campaign on bullying. While the world burns, UN radicals want to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on bullying and you know and we know that bullying is no more than code for the homosexual agenda.
UN Treaty Monitoring Bodies have become even more perverse. The Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights have reinterpreted a key human rights treaty to include a right to abortion and to remove protections from doctors who resist.
Finally, to show their utter contempt for traditional people, the UN Secretariat issued homosexual-themed stamps showing homosexuals kissing.

Friends, this is what we are up against. This is what we have been up against for going on twenty years. We cannot fight this fight without you, YOUR PRAYERS, and your financial support.

I am writing to you tonight because I am truly frightened that C-Fam is not strong enough to fight this alone. The Friday Fax alone cost more than $200,000 a year. And it remains the only weekly source of pro-life and pro-family news coming out of UN headquarters. People like you from all over the world rely on the Friday Fax. It is a lifeline.

Our UN office alone costs $9000 a month! Folks suggest that we move our office further away so that it would be cheaper. What this would mean is that we would not be near the UN on a moment’s notice, which is what our UN partners need. We are there practically every single day!

And then there is our work in Washington DC. There is no group in Washington DC that follows the UN pro-life and pro-family fight like we do. Staffs in the US Senate and the US House of Representatives rely on us and our unique expertise. And now with the new Trump administration, we are desperately needed to help them understand what is really going on at the UN and to ensure the new Trump administration does the right thing (it is not a guarantee they will! The State Department is staffed with activists gays in permanent jobs!)

Please understand as I tell you constantly, we are happy warriors. Each and every one of C-Fam’s very talented staff are so blessed to be doing this work. We walk with a skip in our step and a song in our hearts because we know that we are truly doing God’s work.

But, we cannot do God’s work without your help and we need it right now. Please say a little prayer, and go to and give as much as you can. We need to raise $15,000 over the rest of this week to help us cover our bills. Can you do that right now?
My pledge to you is that we will work our hardest to stop this hideous UN LGBT Czar who says your children as a “soft target” for his propaganda. Doesn’t that just make your blood boil? We will stop him.

Pray for us…and give…

Austin Ruse
Publisher/Friday Fax
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Auteur : erlande

68 ans;45 ans d'expérience dans la communication à haut niveau;licencié en lettres classiques;catholique;gaulliste de gauche à la Malraux;libéral-étatiste à la Jacques Rueff;maître:Saint Thomas d'Aquin:pro-vie sans concession.Centres 'intérêt avec connaissances:théologie,metaphysie,philosophies particulières,morale,affectivité,esthétique,politique,économie,démographie,histoire,sciences physique:physique,astrophysique;sciences de la vie:biologie;sciences humaines:psychologie cognitive,sociologie;statistiques;beaux-arts:littérature,poésie,théâtre,essais,pamphlets;musique classique.Expériences proffessionnelles:toujours chef et responsable:chômage,jeunesse,toxicomanies,énergies,enseignant,conseil en communication:para-pubis,industrie,services;livres;expérience parallèle:campagne électorale gaulliste.Documentation:5 000 livres,plusieurs centaines d'articles.Personnalité:indifférent à l'argent et aux biens matériels;généraliste et pas spécialiste:de minimis non curat praetor;pas de loisirs,plus de vacances;mémoire d'éléphant,pessimiste actif,pas homme de ressentiment;peur de rien sauf du jugement de Dieu.Santé physique:aveugle d'un oeil,l'autre très faible;gammapathie monoclonale stable;compressions de divers nerfs mal placés et plus opérable;névralgies violentes insoignables;trous dans les poumons non cancéreux pour le moment,insomniaque.Situation matérielle:fauché comme les blés.Combatif mais sans haine.Ma devise:servir.Bref,un apax qui exaspère tout le monde mais la réciproque est vraie!

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