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Paranoia or depression? Psychotherapist diagnosis for Obama

December 31, 2016 -Fort Russ News

RussianRT – Translated by Kristina Kharlova

At the end of his term, President Barack Obama announced the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats and the introduction of new restrictive measures against Moscow. According to New York psychotherapist Tatyana Shamieva, whose clients include political figures, the 44th President of the United States « demonstrates the signs of deep depression, caused partly by the loss of his party in the elections. » 

However, as noted in a conversation with RT the former congressional staffer, lawyer Stephen Welles, Donald Trump can fix Obama’s mistakes after inauguration by cancelling sanctions against Russia.

A few weeks before the end of his presidential term, Obama has introduced new anti-Russian sanctions, and also expelled 35 Russian diplomats. The outgoing head of the White house linked these steps to hacker attacks, which allegedly occurred during the election campaign in which Washington suspects Moscow.

« Depression because of the loss of the Democrats » 

RT asked for comment a practicing psychotherapist in New York Tatiana Shamieva, who also treats American political figures. She explained what could drive Obama, besides political intrigue.

« The President of the United States shows signs of a deep depression, including due to the loss of his party in the elections and failing to achieve his career goals. Can’t say that he has a highly developed megalomania, but rather the fact is that at some point in his presidency, he began to play a passive role, because he was pressured by some stronger personalities. Finally, at the end of his term, he tried to get his minute of fame, introducing these sanctions, » – said Shamieva.

According to the expert, Obama « really wants to go down in history as more than just the first black President, but his actions only exacerbate his passivity and depression ».

Admitted defeat

Obama and his administration have not provided clear evidence of the involvement of Russian hackers in hacking the servers of the democratic party, and especially of complicity of the expelled diplomats. Political analysts call the decision to impose new sanctions short-sighted. American analyst William Engdahl thinks new sanctions are an indication that the current administration has admitted defeat.

« Obviously, this is a stupid revenge. Kissinger and Trump are  a team, trying to establish cooperation with Russia to join forces against China. This is why Rex Tillerson (the new U.S. Secretary of State. — RT) and Michael Flynn (new national security adviser of the United States. — RT) were chosen.

Obama and his administration have demonstrated to the world that they’re angry. But it’s stupid and childish.
The plan of the neoconservatives to destroy Russia through the Ukraine conflict has failed, and time to implement a new one has run out, » – said Engdahl.

Trump will decide everything

As reported by RT, the White house announced at a special briefing on Thursday, December 29, that Donald Trump may cancel these measures after the inauguration. According to lawyer Stephen Welles, a former member of Congress seeking the prosecution of Barack Obama in international court, Trump may allow the Russian diplomats to return to the country after inauguration, issuing a separate order. However, for the complete abolition of sanctions against Russia the 45th President will need the approval of the majority in Congress.

The Republican party took 244 out of 435 seats in the house of representatives; the Democrats, respectively – 191. In the Senate Republicans have 54 seats out of 100 against 44 for the Democrats (the remaining 2 are independent senators). In other words, the Republicans for first time in eight years hold the majority of seats in the entire Congress.

« Indeed, the President-Elect Donald Trump may cancel these and old sanctions against Russia. He has all the power to implement this process. The problem is that he may have problems with Congress, where not all the Republicans will support him. For example, senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham are explicitly determined to prevent Trump from restoring relations with Russia », — said Welles.

He also believes that Obama demonstrated his attitude towards the state of affairs in the world.

« This trick is part of the political intrigues of the United States. They want to make life difficult for Donald Trump. The plan of Obama and Clinton is to waste time, not to give him the opportunity to change the world order by establishing relations with Russia. And while the time-consuming process of lifting sanctions will unfold, his term may come to an end. What else to expect from the administration that doesn’t care for its own citizens, and especially for peace in the world » — said former congressional staffer.

Last breath

The analyst of the Center for European studies of foreign policy Alexander Butashkovsky believes that Barack Obama acted like a man who has nothing to lose.

« Obama had no chance of any political future. If Hillary came to power, he would retain influence and power. The Democrats thought everything was going according to plan, however, the political reality was contrary to their desires. Now they will use this card against the President-Elect Trump, accusing him of working with Russian spies and hackers. Obama has created a foundation for further criticism, because he lost his image of a peace fighter a long time ago », — explained the expert.



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